Why bombarding your victim with messages/comments is still a useful Prank?!


It might sound too monotone but it is still on: people still implement this prank and the reason is simple, it is effective, simple and of course fun! Bombarding your victim’s Instagram photo with tones of “unpleasant” comments or flooding his/her twitter with unnecessary replies is still fun and easy to implement. However, even if […]

App Pranks

A recent trend for online pranking is App Jokes, where the prankster creates an iOS/Android app dedicated only for pranking his/her victim! It might sound like cutting off nose for spiting on the face but when you see the reaction, you understand that it is definitely worth it! What can get things even more challenging, […]

5 Great Online Halloween Prank Ideas

Halloween itself, due to its nature, is full of pranks, so why not to move this tradition onto the digital enviroment in a funny way? Here are 5 pranks you can do for your beloved ones/haters this Halloween.   1-) Simplest one: Spread the romour that there won’t be halloween this year! Create a fake […]

10 Best Online Pranks

Being an online prankster is easy and  tough at the same time. It is easy because unlike real pranks you don’t have to get your hands dirty but it’s hard because you need to know well what you are doing, since in online world almost anything traced back to its roots instantly. You don’t want […]