Pranking with a website a male, what to avoid?

Hello Prankstersss!

We are kicking off a new series, where Jelly’s going to tell you about what to avoid while pranking through a website. The series will cover three different kinds of people: teenagers, adults and middle-aged men. Here we go, with the teenagers!

  1. Do not be insulting! There are quite smarter ways to prank him!
  2. Do not even think about using any nudities! Unless you want to get in trouble!
  3. Pranking out of the revenge is totally OK! However, do not let it take over you, your prank website must have a sense of humor. Otherwise, that’s no prank!
  4. Mentioning his crush is a great effective way if you manage to do it in a proper way! So use that!
  5. Creativity almost never kills! Adding an additional asset like a funny survey about your victim will definitely make your prank last longer!
  6. In case you need more help on any of that, you know where to find Jelly ;)

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