5 Great Online Halloween Prank Ideas

Halloween itself, due to its nature, is full of pranks, so why not to move this tradition onto the digital enviroment in a funny way? Here are 5 pranks you can do for your beloved ones/haters this Halloween.


1-) Simplest one: Spread the romour that there won’t be halloween this year!

Create a fake page which claims that in you hometown/state/country (depending on you), there won’t be Halloween celebrated this year (and probably in up-coming years) and the ones disobeying will get tickets!

2-) Create a fake custom contest!

Do you want to make everyone dress like Justin Bieber, just for fun? Create a page for your region/city etc. which claims to give away 100 X-Boxes with lottery among the ones who are dressed like him!

3-) Create fake selfie contest for free tickets!

Create a page which claims to give away 100 free tickets for a great Halloween party in Germany (or in your favourite country!) among the ones who put his/her head into a pumkin and share it on intagram with a specific hashtag (e.g. #mypumpkinhead),

As a small advice, ask the girls not to wear anything else!

4-) Satire page

Mock your friend in a funny way! Create a page that shows how ridicilously he/she picks costums for Halloweens!

5-) Bombardment!

Get hundreds (or even thousands) of people who bombard the inbox of your friend on Facebook/twitter/instagram etc. with their best wishes for the Halloween!

Do not hesitate to let us know if you ever need help for any of them. After all, that’s our expertise ;)

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