10 Best Online Pranks

Being an online prankster is easy and  tough at the same time. It is easy because unlike real pranks you don’t have to get your hands dirty but it’s hard because you need to know well what you are doing, since in online world almost anything traced back to its roots instantly. You don’t want to blow up the whole nice online prank idea just because you missed one or two important factors.

Here are the ten most popular and worth-to-try online prank ideas based on our months of experience in this “business”


1-) Comment/Tweet Bombarding

Probably the easiest prank. You got that annoying friend who keeps posting photo of herself from every angle on Facebook/instagram? Or that annoying guy who updates his tweeter every three minutes? Just show them how much they are loved by followers? After all, it is the attention they seek, isn’t it? Arrange hundreds (or even thousands) of guys commenting the same stuff below their pictures/status.

This requires the victim to have publicly available profile, otherwise, you may have to think other creative ways to circumvent that, which is one of our specialities as jelly’s Prank Service


2-) Advanced “You are the millionaire ” Prank

You might say “that’s so cliché, I am receiving such spams over 10 years”. The spamming part is traditional indeed but we are talking about something more advanced and more convincing. Assume that instead of sending out spams, you actually create a simple but professional website dedicated for that and have your victim called by someone from your favourite African country, to let him know that he’s been chosen for [insert a unique reason here, we can help you with that!]


3-) Online Diet Page Prank

Wanna exploit the dreams of your friend who wants to get thin? Create a diet page with bunch of false diet plans in which you can make your victim eat whatever you want. Don’t forget to throw few fake likes for the FB page to increase persuasiveness.


4-) Fake Fan Page Prank

Create a fan page of your victim with fake profiles of hot guys/girls confessing their love for your victim and requesting a meeting. If it gets him/her, you can even arrange a meeting where you will be waiting there for him/her with flowers in your hand!

An alternative way for this prank is to have a gay fan page for your straight friend, or vice-versa!

This can be applied to both your friends and your lover.


5-) Fake Satire Page Prank

Exactly opposite of the previous one and the most chosen option of Jelly’s Prank Service! Here, those fake guys/girls share their awful fake experiences with your victim and suggesting everyone to keep away from him/her. The stories are up to your creativity!


6-) Online Shopping Prank

Ideal for getting your shopping-freak friend. Create a fake shopping page with sales up to 80% and suggest it to your friend by telling her that you bought yours without any issue and today is the last day of the sale. She won’t see the prank page till the payment page!

Don’t forget to throw few fake likes for the FB page to increase persuasiveness.


7-) Geek Pranks

This section actually consists of various pranks but we are going to give away the most popular one. Convince your geek buddy that he’s chosen by Google among the top 100 coders of the year and invited, by creating the appropriate news page!


8-) Gym-obsessed Prank

Wouldn’t you like to interfere with the only fun of your gym-obsessed friend? Well, we would! Create a gym page which claims to have the most modern techniques for body-building and put there any workout programme you want him to do! Remember to claim that your friend used one of the programmes there and built up everything from scratch to Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Don’t forget to throw few fake likes for the FB page to increase persuasiveness.


9-) Enviromental Prank

Ideal for the victims who are susceptible to environmental incidents or activists. Create a construction page which demonstrates how they are going to destroy everything in a natural gem or a UNESCO heritage and turn it into a huge shopping mall!


10-) Free Space Travel Prank

Create a page which claims to give away 1 free space travel for the people who graduated from your victim’s university, have him applied and let him be the winner! Afterwards, he’s yours! Make him whatever you want to claim his award! Some FB likes and other commentors on the site would definitely increase the persuasiveness.


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